It's all about pets
It's all about pets 

Hello I'm Kerrie.

I have had pets all my life from large to small. With my life time experience of looking after animals you can trust me to look after your beloved pets. At the moment I have two bengal cats and I know all too well the difficulties of holiday time on your pets.

I once used a cattery a few years ago and I will never forget leaving them shaking in their small cages, and when I got back from holiday I had to go through that whole 'don't talk to me' phase and hunger strikes (cat owners should know what I mean!). Since then I've pledged to never leave my cats like that again.

We all know that cats are very territorial so by leaving them in their own territory and having someone to come visit them, they are much less stressed that if they were to be in a strange place with lots of other strange cats.

Freddy and Me

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